When the focus is on maximum precision, you will definitely find parts made by our production in application. Whether in cars, ships, wind turbines, food production facilities or for manual trades or the industry – parts from BARTH Präzisionstechnik can safely get things moving!

We can manufacture parts that weigh up to 1 ton. Our customers appreciate this quality and trust us to find solutions for their various tasks.

Healthy mixture

Our customers range from global players to small and medium-sized enterprises. We see this as a “healthy mixture” which we try our hardest to maintain every day.

We are unbeatable in the manufacturing of:

  • housings
  • rings
  • flanges
  • shafts
  • bushes
  • covers
  • valve disks
  • wheels

Strong partners to consolidate services
for our customers

To offer our customers an all-round professional service for a wide range of manufacturing tasks, we cultivate an outstanding network of companies who work according to the same high quality standards as we do. We can also offer additional services for the following fields:

  • case hardening: inductive, application
  • electroplating
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • various surface treatments
  • deep-hole drilling
  • welding
  • dovetailing

Suppliers for the industry

Since our company inception in 1970, we have worked hard to become a reliable and experienced partner of the industry. Besides offering professional expertise and embodying values such as reliability and strict adherence to deadlines, we also believe in the fair and equal treatment of others and open communication.
We supply parts to the following sectors:

  • automotive industry
  • construction machinery
  • mechanical engineering
  • agricultural machinery
  • transmission manufacturing
  • food industry

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 >