Product diversity

Parts cut at BARUM Automotive are primarily used in the automotive industry as well as in ships and wind turbines and in trade machinery and of course plant engineering. At BARUM Automotive, we can manufacture parts weighing 3 g to an individual weight of 10 kg.

Our customer portfolio ranges from renowned companies in the industry and plant engineering to small companies and SMEs. We consciously maintain this “mix” as we know that every company has people who want to provide the best service they can.

Are you looking for a reliable service provider to produce the following parts? Then contact us now.

  • turbine housings
  • turbine wheels
  • combustion chambers
  • spindles
  • rings
  • flanges
  • shafts
  • bushes
  • covers
  • valve disks

Suppliers for the industry

Since Alfred Barth founded BARUM Technik in Romania in 1993, we have been able to quickly establish ourselves as a reliable service provider in Europe. With a workforce of over 280 employees, BARUM Automotive is one of the most influential companies for metal-cutting machining processes in Romania. The automotive industry and commercial vehicle manufacturers are among our most loyal customers.

Certified according to ISO/TS 16949 >